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Concrete Cutting / Core Drilling / Slab Sawing / Wall Sawing

Since concrete is one of the most durable building materials, diamond tools need to be used to get through it. We specialize in Core drilling, Saw Cutting and Wall Sawing.

Core Drilling

Core drilling is performed when precise, circular diameter cuts are needed. We can drill Holes up to 36″ in diameter virtually to any depth. Core drilling is used for plumbing, electrical, HVAC installations, etc. Core drilling can be performed in steel reinforced concrete slabs, walls, brick, block or even stone. Our operators have performed coring on every type of structure and complex situations such as upside down core drilling, hand held coring, dry core drilling, line or stitch drilling, etc. Our crews are prepared to complete your project in the safest most efficient way possible.

Slab Sawing

Slab sawing or saw cutting as it is s commonly known in the industry; refers to the process of safely and effectively cutting openings or trenches on concrete or asphalt. A walk behind saw is used to cut out electrical, plumbing or mechanical trenches and/or openings in the slab for duct work, elevator, stairs etc. Safe2core is equipped to cut up to 15.5” deep to virtually any linear footage.

Wall Sawing

Safe2core can help you with all of your wall sawing needs. Wall sawing refers to the process of cutting out medium to large openings into concrete walls, normally 4’ x “Y” or larger (smaller openings on walls are usually cut using different concrete cutting equipment and methods).

For wall sawing procedures a track is mounted on the wall to allow for the wall saw to have a secure and safe base to travel through and saw through the cut line for the desired dimensions. Safe2core has extensive experience wall sawing for new door openings, duct openings, etc. and working in clean environments such as active hospitals, schools, clean room occupied offices. Wall sawing equipment can also be used to table saw opening on slabs when access for heavier and larger saw cutting equipment is not feasible.

Hiring our staff to perform BOTH your concrete scanning and concrete cutting needs will significantly lower your often unforeseen inspection and concrete cutting costs. If you need one more core to complete your project or one thousand cores we can help you.

All of Safe2core Concrete Cutting operators have been trained on proper silica dust containment per OSHA requirements. Safe2core has dedicated vast time and resources to develop and place a silica dust containment plan, which is available to all our clients upon request.

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