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Concrete Scanning / Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR (Ground-penetrating radar)

Using the latest in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology to accurately locate rebar, post-tension cables, conduits any other embedded targets in concrete structures, our technicians can make sure that no damage is caused to any vital structural reinforcement. Our specialty is structural post-tensioned concrete. Our staff has been certified by the Post-Tensioning Institute, which gives us an “in-depth” knowledge of how post-tensioned cables behave inside complex structural concrete edifices.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) works by sending a tiny pulse of energy into a material and recording the strength and the time required for the return of any reflected signal. A series of pulses over a single area make up what is called a scan.

Our concrete scanning services can help you find:

  • Rebar
  • Conduits
  • Post-Tension Cables
  • Voids
  • Radiant Heating
  • Slab Thickness
  • Footings

As with any technology there are limitations with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and the success of the scan is highly dependent on the substrate composition and conditions. The following are the most common issues found in the field:

  • Reflection – Metal such as a steel plate or in some cases heavy reinforcement in concrete can reflect close to 100% of the signal back at the unit leaving whatever is under the metal undetected.
  • Dispersion – High water content or other factors can cause the signal to spread to the point that there is very limited signal return to the unit.
  • Absorption – Some materials absorb the signal from the unit leaving little or no signal to return to the unit.

In the last few years Ground Penetrating Radar equipment manufacturers have made a push to close the gap on technology limitations by introducing new antenna frequencies and multi channels antenna frequencies. Safe2core is fully equipped with all available and latest Ground Penetrating Radar
equipment in the market.


For the last few decades X-RAY technology was the predominant technique used to locate and identify targets embedded in concrete. Concrete Scanning using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has overtaken X-RAY technology as the most efficient process to be used when trying to locate rebar, post-tension cables, conduits, etc. in concrete prior to concrete cutting or any other destructive procedures. However, Concrete X-RAY technology is still useful in some rare cases. Our staff has more than 15 years of ASNT Level III X-RAY NDT experience and we have managed numerous complex Concrete X-ray inspections.

Our technicians will oversee Concrete X-ray projects from beginning to end, escorting and assisting the X-ray crew in in all stages of the inspection process. Our staff will insure that all safety measures are taken to avoid harmful radioactive exposure, as well as direct the X-ray crew to the specific locations that need to be inspected. Our technicians will collect and interpret all X-ray film produced and deliver to our customers clear inspection results in order to avoid damaging any embedded targets during concrete cutting.

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