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You, your crew, and your subcontractors put blood, sweat, and tears into keeping your project on track, on tempo, and on time. But have you ever thought about how easily an unknown subsurface utility can throw your project off schedule, cause injuries or deaths on the site, or even shut down utilities far beyond the site itself?

Safe2core’s underground utility locators can help keep your project moving safely and smoothly!

Our highly trained, experienced, and skilled technicians utilize the latest ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology with GPS and WiFi  to quickly, accurately, and reliably locate underground utilities, so you and your crew will know what’s beneath the surface and can plan your work more efficiently. We’re proud to be the premier service for radio detection and marking underground utilities, so you don’t have to worry about whether digging in a certain spot will result in knocking out the lights and computer monitors in the surrounding neighborhood or cause a diesel or high-pressure gas leak from a gas line strike–just to name a couple of problems that could arise from not properly locating underground utilities.

Safe2core locators use ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic underground locator equipment to locate subsurface utilities such as:


  •  Cable, line, and pipe locators for gas, electric, fiber optic, water, and other utilities
  •       Subsurface structures
  •       Abandoned ducts, mains, and tanks
  •       And much more!

Our unparalleled ability to locate underground utilities efficiently and at a reasonable price has made us a preferred vendor of utility-locator services across many different construction sectors. Safe2core monitors sites from individual single-family house pads to years-long construction projects covering hundreds of acres, such as:

  •       Our recent 8-month underground utility locating project completed at Stanford University
  •       Ongoing underground utility locating services at Ames Nasa Research
  •       Tesla and other high-tech companies
  •       Airports
  •       Several K-12 schools
  •       Military bases in Arizona, Texas, and California
  •       Sports arenas and stadiums
  •       Malls
  •       And other large construction projects.

To find out more about how Safe2core can help your crew with underground utility locating and other specialized locating and concrete scanning services, click here to contact us through our website.

And to learn more about locating utilities underground and how Safe2core can help, keep reading for our answers to frequently asked questions about underground utility locator services from contractors around the country!

Frequently Asked Questions About Underground Utility Locators

Safe2core locates underground utilities fast and reliably, so your crew can work faster and safer!

Question: Why do I need underground utility locates on an undeveloped lot? –Bruce, Phoenix, AZ

Answer: Just because a lot is marked as undeveloped doesn’t mean there aren’t utilities there. In the past, it was commonplace for utility companies and private developers to install utilities across unused parcels of land. The problem was that these utilities were often unmarked or improperly marked and located on the as-built drawings. The result in many cases was damage to private or public utilities, dangerous site conditions, and needless injuries and deaths, even with the use of utility locating services. With today’s technology, locating utilities takes a small fraction of the time and a minuscule proportion of the cost it used to, virtually eliminating the question of “Is it safe?” that tends to hound construction sites of every size and description. GPR is our best tool for underground utility locating operations and our work is covered by an industry-leading warranty, so when you call Safe2core for your project, you know you’ll get the best possible underground locating services around!

Question: How does GPR aid underground utility locating jobs? –Alexis, San Diego, CA

Answer: Ground penetrating radar with high and low-watt settings, and electromagnetic underground utility locating equipment, are your best friends on a construction site for utilities locating underground and conduit and line locating within slabs, walls, and decks. These technologies can detect the soldering and sleeve material that keeps these conduits in place, waterproof, and secure from dust, damage, and corrosion. The GPR transmitter sends out a series of very rapid pulses in the radio section of the electro-magnetic spectrum. Different materials will absorb or reflect these pulses back to the device at varying intensities. While the machine itself can’t tell you specifically what kind of underground locates it’s picking up (yet!), it can give readings that at such-and-such GPS coordinates, it flagged anomalous underground locates at approximately X depth below the surface. Working from this information and existing site documentation, your underground locators can backwalk the line or conduit to the point where it joins up with the public utilities, allowing us to determine the exact type of utility so we can mark it properly for excavation.

When you need underground utility locators, you need and deserve the job done right the first time.

That’s why, for all your underground utility locating needs, you should click here to contact Safe2core and let us show you how easy, efficient, and cost-effective it can be to get the real-time information your crew needs to do its best and safest work!

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