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When Safe2Core was asked to perform a complete onsite utility locate at San Mateo High School to help evaluate future construction design feasibility, we were happy to assist. This was a large project because it included not only the building pad and footprint but the entire outlying area out to the school property perimeter.

Over the course of two days, a Safe2Core technician deployed electromagnetic underground utility locating equipment and ground penetrating radar to detect and identify the location, depth, and length of the existing utility runs, from the connections to public utilities to the heart of the school campus. We also needed to precisely note the locations of the utility vaults, boxes, and meters to determine the terminal points of the utilities in question on the property.

Overall, the process went very smoothly and efficiently. Our technician was able to locate and trace major utilities, including:

  • Electrical
  • Sanitary and storm sewer
  • Irrigation and slurry lines
  • Gas and oil lines
  • Steam lines
  • Communications and cable lines


In some cases, we were able to identify that utility lines were present and their approximate depth but were unable to determine with certainty what they were. However, simply knowing that “something” was unequivocally present at these locations and depths, and following these lines and angles, will allow future contractors to avoid them while performing excavation and installation work.

Our biggest challenge, as it is on most sites, involved the potable water lines. Some water lines were not conducive to electromagnetic locating technology and didn’t show up on GPR, so exploratory potholing was recommended to the client where we could not conclusively identify them through other methods. This sort of exploratory excavation is typically guided by both the original architectural and “as-built” drawings created during the construction process, allowing the contractor to more readily identify the general area in which these lines are located so they can exercise due care in the excavation process.  

The project was fairly standard and typical of one of our locating projects. The project was completed on time and within budget, and the client was happy with the results. Safe2Core is proud to have been a part of this project and to assist San Mateo High School in preparation for future construction and expansion projects.

Safe2Core offers private utility locating services for a wide range of construction projects, from single-family residences to educational and office campuses, airports, military installations, hospitals, and large industrial complexes. Our electromagnetic induction technology and sophisticated GPR allow us to quickly, easily, and effectively scan large areas for utilities, structures, voids, and obstructions below ground level and within concrete slabs, helping to guide construction efforts and make them safer and more cost-effective for contractors and the crews working onsite. That’s why Safe2Core is an industry leader in concrete and underground utility scanning, and why more general contractors, subcontractors, and architects trust Safe2Core to swiftly and properly locate and identify utility lines and structural members on their projects for maximum safety and efficiency.

To find out more about how Safe2Core can help you with your next construction project, and to learn about our complete range of services, we invite you to click here to contact Safe2Core through our website or locate the phone number for your nearest Safe2Core office at the top of this page. For a job done right the first time, every time, with less downtime, greater accuracy, and superior safety for everyone on the site, Safe2Core is the name you need to know!


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