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With the new year in full swing, Safe2Core is very pleased with our continuing growth and ongoing commitment to safety and excellence in the services we offer our clients. 2020 hit many sectors of the economy hard, but we have been very fortunate to keep our forward momentum and upward trajectory. We owe our clients a huge debt of gratitude, and we’re proud to have earned their trust and looking forward to more opportunities to keep it in the year, and years, to come!

If Safe2Core is new to you, or you’re looking for nondestructive testing services you can trust, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to our comprehensive utility locating and concrete scanning services. 

Safe2Core can assist in making your construction safer and more efficient, and we have a comprehensive resume dating back over a decade to back it up. Take a walk with us and let us show you what we can bring to your next construction project!


Safe2Core’s concrete scanning and ground penetrating radar take the pain out of finding obstructions to your project!


When you need to cut, core or drill into concrete, asphalt or other hard surfaces, you need to know what’s behind and under it. If you don’t, you could damage your equipment or underlying utilities and worse, your personnel could be seriously injured or even killed. Safe2Core’s nondestructive scanning gives you a complete, accurate picture of the area you’re working in, revealing the location of hidden obstructions so you can maximize safety and efficiency.


CCTV pipeline video inspection saves you time and money on service and inspections!


If you need to inspect a pipeline, you can excavate the pipeline and visually inspect the outside. That’s a lot of time, effort, trouble and expense to go to! Safe2Core’s closed-circuit TV inspection systems make it easier to locate and identify obstructions, blockages and failures in pipelines which are either buried or embedded in walls and floors, so you can direct your efforts where they’ll do the most good in the least time!


Utility locating ground penetrating radar makes planning your project more efficient!


Whether you’re in the planning stages or bringing in the heavy equipment, you need to know where to tie into existing utilities and whether there’s anything on the site that doesn’t show up in existing plans or drawings. Maybe more importantly, state and local utility marking services only tell you where utilities are in the public rights of way around the site—not on the site itself, where they are considered private utilities. But if you damage them, your company could be liable for any damages. Safe2Core’s GPR helps you locate and identify utilities so you can tie in easily and safely with less wasted time and money!


Concrete cutting is faster and safer with Safe2Core!


When you need to cut, drill or core concrete or asphalt samples, the difference between the right equipment and training, and the almost-right equipment and training, can be the difference between a quick, smooth job and a slow, expensive boondoggle. Safe2Core specializes in concrete and asphalt cutting and patching operations which get the job done safely and efficiently, without forcing your company to purchase specialized equipment you’ll only use occasionally. Paired with our concrete scanning and GPR services, Safe2Core is your one-stop solution for all your underground locating, inspection and cutting needs, for less!


Whether you’re building a stadium or a school, a roadway or a runway, a hospital or a hotel, Safe2Core does all this and much more. We serve the entire southern US from California to Florida, and we’re expanding into new markets all the time. When you need nondestructive concrete testing, in situ site inspection and analysis, utility and underground structure location or concrete and asphalt cutting, Safe2Core is here to help so you can get the job done right the first time, every time. From mixed-use development to military base construction, shopping centers and beyond, Safe2Core is your trusted name for the concrete cutting and scanning services you need to make your site safer to core—and more!

We want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal clients who have given us the chance to serve them through the past decade, and especially through 2020! We also want to welcome our new clients and those considering us for current or future projects. All of us at Safe2Core are looking forward to another great decade working with the finest company in the world—yours!

 To learn more about Safe2Core’s services, or to contact us about current or upcoming projects, please click here!



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