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When Safe2core was contacted by Okland Construction to provide concrete scanning and core drilling services for the renovation and remodeling of Footprint Center, home of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, we knew this wasn’t going to be any “average” project. The arena was adding luxury suites, bars, restrooms, upgrades to the parking structure, and other high-end amenities to its existing architecture, which meant a lot of scanning and coring would need to be done.

Safe2core was invited into the project after other concrete scanning companies had been on the site and failed to locate or mark out any of the existing conduits and utilities within the slab. We were able to locate and mark all the conduits, including those the other companies missed. After this success, Safe2core became the only concrete scanning company allowed to perform scanning services for any penetrations required onsite.

The project brief was a big one, requiring over 1,000 cores taken from all levels of the arena as well as several hundred linear feet scanned on the face of the arena’s parking structure. Creating additional challenges, the active NBA season and postseason were in full swing—and the Suns made it to the 2021 finals! This required Safe2core, and construction in general, to move fast and at all hours so as not to interfere with practices, games, or other events. However, our technicians demonstrated we were up to the challenge, successfully delivering a safer, better-mapped site for everyone who worked on it.
As a result of Safe2core’s success on the Footprint Center project, we were able to open lines of communication with several new electrical and plumbing companies, for whom we continue to do work on many other projects in the Phoenix area. We’re very proud of the results we delivered for Footprint Center and feel the newly renovated site at 210 E. Jefferson Street in Phoenix stands as only the latest example of the great work we strive to do on every project, every time, for every client.
With offices in Northern and Southern California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida, Safe2core is proud to serve the needs of the construction community in Phoenix and across the country with quality concrete scanning and cutting services including:

  • Coring
  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • GPR Scanning
  • Utility Location
  • And much more!

Our ground-penetrating radar allows us to cover more of your construction site more quickly, creating accurate maps of everything beneath the surface of the ground or slab. This allows faster work, more efficient cutting and coring, less risk of damage to the utilities, conduits, and structural steel within the matrix, reduced expense, and a safer jobsite for your crew and everyone else working there.

After the Footprint Center job, we at Safe2core feel it’s safe to say we’ve proven we’re up to even the biggest jobs on the most challenging timeframes out there. Whether you need a one-day site walk for a single-family house lot or a months-long contractual commitment including scanning and concrete cutting and coring, Safe2core is up to the challenge. Simply click here to email the Safe2core office nearest you and let Safe2core show you how easy and inexpensive it can be to get the safety and security that comes from having the best and most highly trained in the business providing the scanning and cutting services you need!

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